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Accutane Round 3 | Day 4 | Low Dose



Side effects:

-Starting to really notice some dry skin. The skin behind my ears is flakey (I know, weird). Also, while I always use a dandruff shampoo, I feel like my scalp has been itchier than usual.

-I had the world's WORST headache yesterday. It was unresponsive to migraine medication.

-Lips still not chapped, but, dryer.


-That open/raw zit that made me stay home yesterday is still sore, but not at ugly. Everyone complimented me on my hair today... which amused me greatly, because I styled it different in order to cover it up.

-Several new small forehead bumps appeared this morning. Flesh colored... so... I guess it could be worse. Just a lot of them.

-A weird underneath zit is on my right cheek. It will definitely develop into a biggin'.


-I still have a bunch of small shoulder zits. Had to only put makeup over one area with the shirt I wore today. Luckily, most of my chest breakouts are not currently where a v-neck shirt exposes.

All in all, I'm fairly happy with the placement of the breakouts I DO have currently. What a weird thing to be thankful for!

Other notes:

From my last Accutane round in 2008, this has been a walk in the park so far. I started on 40 mgs then-- and I'm only taking half the amount now (20 mgs). But it's a big difference. I'm hoping that will mean my initial breakout won't be as awful this round... here's to wishful thinking.


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