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Month 1, Day 28



My class is now done and I'm free from my continuing education program, woo hoo! With less stress affecting me, I am starting to see some improvements in my face.


My skin is flaking more. It tends to flake more around my mouth, chin and the sides of my nose. I have to constantly exfoliate and keep checking in the mirror to see if I've removed all the flakes. It's annoying but necessary. With all of that, I'm noticing that the skin that isn't broken out is clearing up some. In terms of the redness I mean. I can see it looking whiter which is exciting. The few active spots I have are drying out and coming off now, so my skin doesn't look too bumpy. I went for my one month check up at the dermatologist and I was told that my treatment is going really well considering my skin is looking better already. I saw a different doctor today and she explained that because my skin is showing signs of improvement this early on in my treatment, she believes that by the end of it I won't have any visible scarring and that she doesn't think I will relapse and need further treatment. Talk about good news! I'm very pleased about this. I explained my worry about working outdoors this summer, and she told me that I just need to make sure to wear a hat and some sunscreen. She gave me a ton of sunscreen samples to try, so it doesn't look like I need to buy any now. I think that I might still have some more breakouts in the next few months, but they won't be as severe. The derm says my acne looks moderate now and it's only 1 month of treatment! It's just trying to keep my skin moisturized that's the main concern now. I've started using Curel on my face and that works really well to keep my skin feeling normal and not like a desert, lol.


My lips still get dry, but they're not peeling badly like at the end of my first week of the treatment. The derm was really impressed by how my lips weren't all chapped and dry. Thank you Nivea soothing care lip chap! I went and bought a second tube, but this one was just a cherry glossy one that also works really well. It doesn't feel waxy and keeps my lips moisturized. Doesn't look like I'm on Accutane at all with this stuff. Although I wasn't able to get Aquaphor, I'm pretty pleased with Nivea's lip care products. It's affordable and it works. And wow, I think I just sounded like a commercial there...


No new breakouts to report. Just the previous acne I had are drying out. I had this really bad one surface near my nose, but it dried up within 4 or 5 days. You can still see it, but it's not red anymore and the skin is beginning to smooth back down in that spot. It's crazy. Before it would have taken at least 2 weeks for it to start that process, so the Accutane seems to be accelerating how my skin clears up spots.


Now that my skin isn't so red, I felt comfortable enough to go out in public with very little cover up. I only put it on the really red spots and left the rest of my skin alone. This is a huge deal for me. All this time I've never felt able to head out the door without making sure to cover up my skin with makeup. When I was in high school, I never wore makeup. It's so time consuming and if I didn't have acne I probably wouldn't use it. The way I see it, makeup is meant to enhance what your mama and papa gave you—not cover it up. So I am really happy that I'm beginning to feel okay in my own skin again.


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