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Adult Acne Aged 29 Pre Roaccutane Treatment



Hi My name is Zoe and i am 2 Weeks away from starting another course of Roaccutane.

I have suffered from Acne since the age of 14-15 and i took a course of Roaccutane at 20 which helped for a couple of years, since then then my Acne has varied in harshness from not too bad to its current state - pretty bad, i'd say my face is currently 50-69% covered in acne .

Some weeks these are little puss filled spots some days they are larger and feel like a pea under the skin, some days they itch some days they hurt and the one's around my eye area give me headaches.

Also the one place i have never had the Acne is my forehead and now their even popping up there, I stopped taking the oral contraceptive to see if that made any difference - it didn't and have now 4 weeks ago gone back on Dianette (this is a contraceptive designed to help acne as well as provide contaception) as i said it's only been for weeks but its made no improvement so far to my skin :( but this is a requirement in England if you wish to take Roaccutane that you are also on the pill.

I went to the dermatoligist at the Hospital to enquire about Microdermibrasion but was told that was more to eliminate my scars then to treat the acne itself and a course of Roacccutane was needed.

I have to take 4 months worth - which i know from previous experience may well increase my Acne until the course is finished.

I will afterwards if all goes well have light to medium chemical peels to get rid of my scars which i've been told may take approx 6 treatments at £60 each (ish)

This Blog may help anyone considering a course of Roaccutane ? it may not but i thought i would give this Blog thing a Go - Note down my reactions to this treatment and feelings any improvements etc

Thanks for reading this

Mannzee xx :doubt:


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