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not agaaaiinn!!!



so i was doing the regimen and on the cyst under the surface thing i can feel somethhing!!!

its like a bloked pore only under the skin and i cant see it or anything i can just feel it!!

also when i move my cheek arond it hurts like somethings going to come up like a cyst or something1!! FML I THINK I SPOKE TOO SOON

i hope it doesnt turn into a cyst within time. god i already have scaring on this place and the remaing ugly mark and scar from the trauma previous reoccuring cyst has done!!!

:( pleaseeeeed ont be anything and just go away!!

oh i forgot to mention so far i looovee the aha my right cheek took it well so hopefully im going to put it all over as i night time moisturiser after 3 days.

thats is all.

MY HAPPINESS WAS SHORT LIVED! when i touch the cyst under the surface i can feel a blocked pore under the skin. and i know what it is from experience.

I OFFICIALLY HAVE A DORMAT CYST, and the frustrating thing is that i dont know when itl

come up :doubt::( :(


soo fkin pisssseeedddddd off right now!!

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ouch. I know what you're feeling. I also felt that situation. But now thank God, I'm relieved. I have my face very clear now. Somewhat there's a really better treatment :-

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