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The saga begins...



Hey everybody on the acne.org community! I have used this website as a resource for researching different acne related subject and have found it to be the most informative and broad resource website out there! So I decided to join, and since I love to blog, I wanted to share what has really helped with my skin so far :(

First--my story.

As is the case with so many acne sufferers, my acne began at the start of puberty, at around twelve. My skin was perfect before then, and after a while of just ignoring the problem I went to the dermatologist with my dad, got a benzoyl peroxide cream and minocycline antibiotic pills and my face cleared up.

However in fall of 2009 I was tired of being a chubby child and began running, and that's when my acne problem really began. It wasnt too horrible of a problem at first, but it really started getting horrible in summer of 2010. It was a combo of switching products too much, running alot, and wearing too much makeup. I tried panoxyl, I tried dove facebar, I tried the acnefree system, I tried all sorts of home remedies, baking soda, honey masks, tooth paste, sulfur masks...there were just too many products and in january of 2011, it was like my face went into shock. It couldn't deal with one more product, one more new thing, one more harsh treatment.

At that point in my life I was EXTREMELY depressed about my acne. I would cry all the time, and the subsequent stress would only make my skin worse. It was, quite frankly, a horrible time in my life

Then one day in february, I decided, enough was enough, I was going to go back to my old remedy, the one I used before my skin got bad, and not get off it no matter what. I did make two minor adjustments later, but the essential regimen is the same:

-Mary Kay velocity facewash

-hydrogen peroxide 3% for a toner

-clean n clear persagel 10% benzoyl peroxide

-Mary Kay velocity moisturizer

I stuck with that regimen, and it got better, but still wasn't perfect. Then I started paying attention to what I ate and noticed I consumed alot of dairy. I did some research, discovered that milk causes acne in lots of people, and cut it out of my diet, and replaced it with soy or almond milk products.

My cystic acne was eliminated.

The final revelation, was that one week I had the flu and could not run or do any sports of any kind...and my skin was perfect. I started running again, and it immediately became worse.

So I started swimming instead of running, and now my skin is practically clear, and the only time it looks bad is when I lose control and pick at my zits instead of leaving them alone.

So what reaaaally clinched it for me was-

sticking to a regimen

Adding hydrogen peroxide (it's so cheap and works REALLY well)

Eliminating dairy from my diet

Not running

Thats my story...I hope you guys can benefit from what I learned! Clearing acne doesn't require huge amounts of money and fancy products, just persistence and the ability to listen to your body.


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