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Day 4



Day 4. Spot by my left lip, lower cheek is no longer white/yellowish so that one has errupted and i dying down. Masturbating yesterday has made my face go from clear-ish to all having a red glow and i can see hundreds of little ones all over my face which are making it look red. Though that may just be from lying in the sun all day. One major one in between my eyebrows which errupted over the course of the day. And i masturbated again today which is just embarassing.

Got 150ml panoxyl benozyl peroxide 10% in the post today and applied that to my back this morning anx will be applying to it my face and back when i shower tonight. Hopefully this will calm things down and not aggravate the situation as i have a birthday party im going to tomorrow.

Lymecycline seems to hsve helped with bacne but maybe thats just my impression as it is still early days. Have to get up earlyish at 8am tomorrow which is probabl going to wreak havoc. Lets hope not. See ya tomorrow!


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