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Skin much much worse WTF



Since my last post, last thursday, 14 april 2011, my skin has got much much worse. I am getting larger red spots, some on my cheeks, which i rarely , if ever , get.

I first noticed them on the morning of the 15th.

Before the 15th my skin had actually been pretty clear and i was thinking to myself that drinking vinegar might actually be working - Very bad idea - never tempt fate.

I have been drinking vinegar with lemon juice and vitamin c each morning for about 10-14 days now.

For the first week or so i though it was doing the drink nicely but now i must conclude either it was coincedence as usual or it's acutally makin got worse now.

Only other thing i can think of is that i ate a fair amount of meat on the 14th apart from that diet hasn't been much different since i cut out the chocolate and icecream. Ie virutally no fructose or fructans [wheat etc] for a good few weeks.

On the evening of the 14th i ate some cheap beef and pork mince but also a fair amount of cheese and corned beef. Maybe it was the corned beef or the total combo. Maybe it had nothing to do with it.

Becasue I got seriosuly pissed off about the new spots on the 15th i ate a shed load of Chinese take away noodles., 2 large plate loads, and it was poor nasty quality stuff as well. Funny thing is didn't really give me any GI symptoms and yet it was rammed full of wheat/fructans, fructose, msg and god knows what.

I also ate some lemon tart made with wheat pastry on the 16th.

I really don't know what is goin gon any more.

Surely if i am malabsorbing fructans and or fructose the noodles should have destoyed me?



Porridge [oats] continue to give me mild heartburn, mild belching.

Still getting gas, not really any bloating or pain, mainly farting.

Might be from whey protein and or milk.

But can eat cereal with milk relatively sympton free - WTF

Might be from raw carrots - maybe fibre.

I remember rye crispbreads [ryevita] gives me terrible wind and some heartburn.


I need to look into fibre - starting to get a feel it has something to do with my GI [and maybe acne]


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