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After week 6 (skipped 5)



Woops! I haven't posted in two weeks. Mostly because I have been really busy and my skin hasn't been doing too much. The play went well, and my skin put up very well with that nasty stage makeup. Until the last show. got a small flat (but very red) pimple in the middle of my cheek. But i covered it up, and it went away soon after. A lot has been going on, and my schedule was hectic. I took the medicine at most 4 hours late (I take it at 6:30 a.m. and p.m.) multiple times, and I broke out a few times these past two weeks. Also I've noticed that when I shave I sometimes get some irritation by my chin. And the dryness on my chin/jawline has been very dry. But with constant moisturizing, I've basically got it under control. Still using Cerave for my face (and sometimes hands and arms which I've noticed have become dry at times), Selsun Blue shampoo (I've had no more scalp dryness/itchiness/flaking), and Aquaphor for my lips. The lips are getting better, and today when I ran out of Aquaphor I was able to use normal Chapstick for a little while. I'm definitely getting used to this, and although the progress is slow, its taking place and in a few more months I'll hopefully have beautiful skin :]

Posting next week for sure.


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