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So i have mild/moderate acne and have had it for 5 years. Friday i went to the doctor and i have been given lymecycline and benz peroxide 10% facial scrub. I am now on my 3rd day or the lymcycline snd cant say that it has got better but no new erruptions at all. Skin is probably best now it has been for years but not because of the drug.

For reference i also have acne on upper back and arms which is pretty horrible.

My 10% facial scrub ztill hasnt arrived but i have been using panoxyl 10% cream instead for about 4 months which has seemed to have been a fantastic product and worked very well.

So all is very good at the moment apart from one thing i masturbated today and tha has always had an effect on my acne. Lets hope it doesnt flare up and the lymecycline has helped keep it at bay especially as my face is looking pretty good apart from 1 spot to the leftof mys lip wich is yellow and errupting.

I will report back tomorrow. Good night.


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