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maybe improvement :)



ok so my skin is very nearly near where i want it to be and that is IF I dont break out!!

my breakout that ive had has gone leaving only marks behind which are slowly going away,

i can honestly say if i didnt have have the breakout that ive been through i would have been very nealy completely clear without the marks and all, but hey ho.

so i havnt still used the argan oil just yet im scared to but i will sometime soon.

today ive used dans aha on my right cheek to see how it takes it and will continue to do so after every 3 days if my skin doesnt breakout, im not going to be making any comprimises though if it breaks me out then it a no go. i think ill try this for about 3 week and carry on if my skin likes it. i really want nice texture and the kind of benefit aha gives you.

also sometime soon i will also replace the emu oil with argan oil and see if my skin takes it and if it does then brilliant i get really oaranoid that my gf can smell the emu oil but she asnt said anything though! oh well i would really like to use the argain oil if my skin likes it. and then use the emu oil with eucerin at night when im not using dans aha!

this will surely keep my skin ontrack and keep the breakouts, and marks away hopefully! :( i am planing this strict regimen and will continue to do so religiously as i have been doing anyways.

i will also continue to take vitamin e, evening primrose oil and also vitamin d i ran out of the zinc and nothing changed with or without it, so im keeping it atm.

what ive noticed though is that moisturising enough is a must!!!!! and getting rid of the flakes!!! otherwise they clog up and turn into little clogged pores then eventually at some point get inflamed and turn into spots or whatever may be. i on my behalf try to get rid of these as much as possible by moistursing with eucerin and emu oil and get rid of the flakes when im washing my fae with my fingers and then the towel. it has worked so far, but might not for all you people with really sensitive skin!.

also on the little marks that i do have and on the cyst under the surface ting which has gone (thank god!!! about time!; also i hope i dont jinx it!) i have used rimmel liquid foundation for a very long time this hasnt ever broke me out, and covers ok and was basicically better than what i had ever tried in making me look "natural".i dont ever use it all over my face just over pimples and marks with a little brush to make it look like i avnt got any make up on. i dont like concealers i can never make them look natrual also i dont like the texture so i use foudation a sa ocncealer if that makes sense. anyways i went out to the store to but the rimmel foundation and was p off as they brought a new one, they might have changed the packaging but this is the second or third time they had done this! i already have revlong colourstay and clinique anti solutions or something and dont like either of them which was obv a waste of money! so then i decided to go to the counter and get samples instead. i went to the estee lauder and lancome one. i lovve the lancome i used it only yesterday on my marks so i dunno if itl break me out or not but i really loved it!!! its buildable coverage, doesnt look like i have it on (so i dont think anyways) and also liked the texture and how it felt light. the estee lauder double wear i hated that i just couldnt get it to look natural and not cakey around the marks even though i had moisutruser on which made it worse and made my marks look like ive obviously tried to hide them. i must say it stays put though!!!!! that will not budge or smear or anything i put it on my had and after it dried, i tried smudge it of and it didnt which is a good thing i guess if you dont want it to come of during the day and we al know that can be an embarassment.

well thats all for now going out with the gf next week and im working on my self esteem issues and looking her in the eye thing. wish me luck!....


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