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Day 14



Wow it's been 2 weeks already!! Time goes by fast! I've been really busy with moving and I just got accepted into the STEP Program and I begin May 16th so that will definitely keep me occupied..the more I'm occupied the less I think about being on Accutane.

Side effects: skin is not really dry, it's just drier than usual and there is no oil production. I have to moisturize 2x a day or else it's flaky and dry.

The breakouts on my forehead from last week have gone down but have left red marks (surprise surprise...ugh) and I got a huge pimple on my right cheek a few days ago. At first it felt like a cyst but then a few days later it began to hurt really bad when I touched it and I squeezed it (I know shame on me) and it popped...a LOT of pus and blood came out it was SO gross but it's gone down now and it dried up. The flakiness of it went away today after I showered and used my Clairsonic. Now there is just a red mark but I am continuing to use my Vitamin E oil and supplements.

My lips are finally chapped. I was hoping I'd be super lucky and avoid this since for the first 12 days they weren't dry and more windburnt feeling. But nope, they are dry now and I have to put on chapstick or my clinique balm every hour or so. My husband hates it lol. Oh well. :(

My hands are dry and itchy but lotion takes care of that for several hours. No dry hair, no dry scalp...appetite is good and no dry eyes. If this is as bad as my side effects get *crossing fingers* then Accutane isn't bad at all. Sure it's a little bit inconvenient having dry lips all the time but for clear skin it's worth it!!!

My skin texture is overall smoother and brighter right now. For the last 2 nights I slept with my makeup on...BIG NO NO. So tonight I promise myself not to do that. I feel nasty when I do that I wake up feeling icky.

That's about it for now...I need to drink more water it's 100 degrees here!!!


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