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Hi, im tyler. Im a 16 year old from canada. This is my story about my awful skin tone. For about 2 and a half years now i have had the worst breakouts imagenable on my cheeks and my temples. All through my grade nine year in highschool i popped my pimples and then did something even worse... i picked at the scabs!!! SOMETIMES MORE THAN ONCE ON THE SAME SCAB!!! Once i entered grade 10 i notice just how bad my uneven skin tone from acne acctually looked so i stopped picking away at the scabs, but i still couldnt fight the urge to stop popping the zits i was getting. Then that summer right before my current grade 11 year I did the worsed possible thing i could've, i tanned! and i meen i TANNED LIKE CRAZY!!! sometimes even up to 2-3 HOURS A DAY!!! I was so desperate to cover my bad skin tone i resulted to that. Then when the sun went away my tan faded and now it is probally the worst its ever been. Now i have a mixture of dark brownish and pink & redish spots all over my cheeks and my temples. And for reasons i dont know, when ever my face gets red because of physical activity or i just begin to get hot, the spots on my face get even reder and where there were places that I had even skin tone RED SPOTS BEGIN TO APPER THERE!!! why is this!?!? Lucky for me for some odd reason i didnt get any scars from this, its just the ugly tone. And also lucky for me i dont get too many zits because i went on accutane for a month and they seemed to go away for the most part. ive tryed bio-oil, retina, bleeching skin products, I have 5 microdermabrasion treatments done that didnt seem to help too much(I did notice the slight improvment but the littlest) and they cost me $600. Yeah well other guys are spending there money on getting cars and spending time with girls, i spend all mine on trying to fix my the way my skin looks so that i can have the chance to acctually attract girls. I have $1000 dollars now that im willing to spend on anything to help me. This has taken such an emotional toll on me now, knowing that everytime you talk to the girl you like, you can see that she is acting nice to you but you can feel her looking right at the side of your face. I have tryed everything possible that i know i have been able to do so far, ive spent nights crying well looking into the mirror. ALL I WANT IS NORMAL SKIN LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!!!! SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME THEY KNOW WHAT TO DO ABOUT EVENING OUT MY SKIN TONE!!!! PLEASE!!! will chemical peels work for this better than microderms? i feel that this may fade with time, cause it has somewhat, but still it will take years!!! i dont want to look back to my highschool years and remeber that this it what it was like!!!! I want to enjoy this time of my life but im finding it so hard with this, please help me, you dont know how much it hurts... :'(


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