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Today, Today, Today!



As the sunshine comes out here in the mountains, I feel restless to make changes to my life (and my skin) oh, where to start?

I stopped taking Yasmin (oral contraceptives) almost 8 months ago. I can report that there has been stages, good AND bad, along the way. I changed make up too, nixing Bare Minerals from my regime and replacing it with a Maybelline brand oil free/non-comedegic liquid cover-up which does a swell job at evening my tone and hiding my acne redness/scars. I will eventually opt for something better, organic and pure, but due to my tight budget and the level of coverage I'm seeking from my makeup, I'll have to stick to the store brand stuff for now.

The first couple of months after getting off BC pills, my skin did flare up some, but I was already experiencing pretty bad acne by the time I decided to ditch the hormone therapy so I guess you could say it really wasn't the catastrophe I was waiting for. The months that ensued seemed to fall into a hormonal trend. I would break out worse a week before 'that time of the month' usually deep stingy cystic bumps around my problem zones (jawline, chin, lower cheeks, and forehead) 4-5 days would pass and I could see the bumps disappearing with each day.

I have started to drink a lot of water every day after realizing my skin is just plain thirsty. I should have been doing this well before now, but I guess I thought I was drinking enough fluids and never really thought it attributed to my acne as much as I do now. I introduced jojoba oil into my regime a few months ago after my Cetaphil moisturizer was failing to keep the flakiness at bay. What could be better than inert, plant-based seed oil for moisturizing? It does work great but I was noticing that even slathering a bunch on every night and adding drops to my morning moisturizer wasn't doing the job. I still have a lot of clogged pores and itchy, dry skin going on, so I'm pretty sure I just need more H20 in my body. I read a post the other day, darn now I can't find it, but it basically said something along the lines of hydration is best done internally, it's like taking a dehydrated person and drowning them. There is only so much external hydration can do ie: lotions, oil, etc. The best way to hydrate is, apparently, from within :doubt: I thought it made a lot of sense and made me rethink my water intake, especially living at 6,000ft.

With better hydration and the warmer weather approaching, I can already see my skin clearing up more and more. When I do get zits they aren't as deep, and most come to a 'head' within a day or so. My skin is far from pretty at this point, but I am breaking out less 'significantly' these days. I am interested to see where the next few months go in terms of my skin, once I hit one year without Yasmin.

I think the next step is a good exfoliant, peel, or something to help decongest my pores and minimize my scarring. Any suggestions anyone?

I plan to start a daily regime of zinc (I have been doing a lot of reading about the supplement) and would also like to try the asprin mask, per a high recommendation from an acne.org member :(

Good luck to everyone out there. Have a wonderful day <3


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