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Cover it up



Anyone with acne knows that the number 1 priority is clearing it up. The number 2 priority, especially with ladies, is covering it up. So what works best, what doesn't work at all?

*Keep in mind that I am fair-skinned aand redness on my skin sticks out like a red button on a white sheet. My make-up concerns are that it conceal, last long, and not breakout my face further.

Before my acne got out of control I would use the Neutrogena Skin Smoothing Stick to spot conceal blemishes (and where my eye meets the bridge of my nose - I'm always really dark there!) and it held up well with my oily skin and was easy to blend in. I used the SkinClearing Blemish Concealer once, but I feel like it didn't really do anything different and I got less product in the tube. Woot for more for your money, right?

When I needed liquid make-up I used L'Oreal True Match Super-Blendable make-up. True to it's name, it was in fact super blendable and also super affordable! I had two colors, a light cool color and a not quite as light warm color. I could blend them together depending on the season and my state of pale-ness. For super red spots I still used a concealer underneath. VERY IMPORTANT for liquid make-up: ALWAYS set with a powder, especially if you have oily skin! Otherwise it will smear and run off easily.

I transitioned to mineral make-up with BareMinerals. I had tried the drugstore brand before this, but this really made up my mind about the awesomeness of mineral make-up and was definitely worth a little more investment. For one thing, it lets your skin breath while you're wearing it, lessening make-up induced breakouts. Also a jar could last me 3-4 months! Since they've realeased new foundation colors it is easier to find the right color. I will say this, I did have to reapply during the day, it tended to rub off when my skin got oily. The nice thing was that if I carried the mineral veil with me I could apply it to take care of the oil sheen before my make-up was affected. Added bonus: SPF! WARNING: This stuff is addictive! Once you start you'll want to use their eye and lip products as well because it is so natural looking compared to liquid make-up.

*Note: If I was going out at night and didn't want to worry about my make-up coming off or having to reapply I would use the True Match foudation and then lock it in with the BareMinerals foundation. Double protection seemed to last all night even if I was dancing the night away.

And now? Due to recommendations from girls I work with, I have been trying Jane Iredale mineral make-up. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It conceals even better than my BareMinerals did and lasts until I take it off at night. Right now I use the Dream Tint moisturizer with SPF, Disappear concealer, and the pressed powder. I bought extra applicator puffs and I change them out every week or everyother week to keep them from getting gross and spreading bacteria all over my face. The only down side is that it is pricey. From my experience so far, though, it is worth the extra cash.

As far as make-up removers, I've yet to settle on one I am absolutely in love with. I was recommended Albolene which I used to remove stage make-up. It worked like a charm without over drying my face but contained mineral oil. Eeks! So now I stay clear of it. I have used Neutrogena's Oil Free Eyer Make-up Remover. It worked well, but I felt like I had to use so much of it to fully remove heavy make-up. For light make-up days it worked well. Same with the Neutrogena Gentle Foaming Cleanser. I am currently using the make-up removing wipes from Philosophy. They're ok, but because I'm using Differin at night and a 5% bezoyl during the day I'm very sensitive so I try not to use them everyday. They can irritate my skin if I use them too often or have to do more than one pass.

Any other suggestions? What has or hasn't worker for you? I'm always open to new suggestions. Hope this is helpful!


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