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:( I have survived the 1st month! (just! :dance: )

So yesterday I finished my first batch of oratane and hit the 30 day mark! elation and jubilation!


DAY 28- 30: I observed a marked improvement in my skin suddenly. I woke up on day 28 and the huge white heads from the day before had shrunk hugely! (except for one that remained angry and red with a white "cherry" on top) After steaming my face I ended up up just gently popping it. (only one i have done that to so far! :(

This general improvement seems to have continued through to the last days of the month. One of two of my friends also made comments to this effect.

So I still have lots of bumps on my face BUT the concentration and density of the zit population that had been booming on my cheeks and jaw has decreased noticeably! :(

I have been taking pictures weekly so ofcourse I will take pics and be able to compare and really see if i'm right!


So in the last week the side effects, especially the dry lips almost drove me over the edge!!! brown skin is NOT COMPLEMENTED BY RED/PINK LIPS and i was headed straight there! i was so afraid of looking like a freak or something! my lips were painful and swollen and burnt/tingled when i applied the DCT! i really was depressed about my lips.

But you guys came through for me. KC31 and flandy gave me great advice!!! the combo of their tips has given me my sanity back! the vaseline blistex combo helped calm my lips down. and bought the Bepanthen stuff yesterday! used it over night and today and my first impression of it is ,WOW!!!!


i also have come up with a lil trick for brown people out there! i got a brown lip liner and i just rub it over my lips when i go outside or into town and that kinda "tints" my lips and makes them look ok! not too pink. will see how this holds up in the long run.

Also have allowed myself a lil make up here and there. who am i kidding, i piled it on for my birthday dinner and i looked GREAT! :( HEHEHEH got home really late and felt lazy BUT i made sure i washed it all off and steamed my face and applied my Isotretinoin User moisturiser :doubt: and cover my lips in blistex before i allowed my self to hit the sack! well done me!!!

So like I said I have been taking pics but I dont seem to know how to get them up in the gallery! so give me sometime and ill figure it out :dance:

out now! :( MONTH TWO, HERE I COME!!!


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I'm so excited for you !!! And thanks for the recognitionHang in there I promise it will get 100 percent better !

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Yay~congratulations! to both of us! I just got my second month supply yesterday.I noticed the same thing as you. The former most oily T-zone is the place gets better the first. And cheeks take longer time. And my Derm agreed with my observation.I use fundation everyday now coz the pink and dark marks are just ugly! The key is to choose oil-free stuff and wash them all off thoroughly.Life is not that bad and we can do it!

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