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This blog will follow what I try to do to finally rid myself of acne.

I am a 29 year old guy that has dealt with mild acne since age 13.

Some background information about me and the certain condition(s) I have:

1. Naturally very oily skin, forehead to chin. However, this will overy dry out (very flakey) with just

a single hot shower.

2. Noted food allergies to tomatoes. I constantly ate pizza and every kind of Italian food with tomato

sauce, until the doctors did a blood test for allergies. Interestingly enough I had clearer skin when

eating whatever I liked.

3. Lactose intolerant with milk. Cheese seems to be okay. I still avoid as much dairy as possible.

Cheese slices on sandwhiches are fine.

4. The current acne condition would be considered mild, I believe, with currently 20 spots around the

face... mainly around the mouth, chin, jawline and front of neck. Most are healing dark marks

(scars?) and ther are maybe 3 or 4 active whiteheads. Tons of black heads on nose and cheeks.

Seems like ever single pore is a blackhead in those areas.

Things I have tried in the past:

Medical, Natural and Mechanical:

Medical - Proactive, clindamycin, anti-biotics, retin-a., B.P., Salysylic acid, Glycolic acid, Cetaphil

antibacterial soap ( .3% Triclosan)

Natural- Multivitamins, diet, exercise, digestive enzymes, pro-biotics.

Mechanical - Washcloth with and without cleasner, shaving different interval of days ( from every

night to once a week), olay cleansing brush. Using electic face shaver (no real results).

Current condition:

Highly stressed along with the stress of breaking out already. About 4 or 5 active spots with about 20 deep red spots that are prone to re-flairing.

Current process:

*spot treatment includes using Clindamycin gel and BP on the pimple.

*Cleansing every night with Purpose ( on day 2 of using it ) in conjunction with the Olay electric brush. Seems great.

*Taking a digestive enzyme pill with every meal and a probiotic pill two times a day.

*Increased fiber intake to 25 -30 g per day.

*Taking Zinc Chelate (30 mg), Vit. : A (8000 iu), C, D (5000 iu), E (400 iu). ALA,

Chromium (350 mcg), Glucosamine.

*Alcohol wipe down cell phone every night.

*Change pillow case every night.

Current theories:

* Stress

* Hormones

* Food intolerances

* Vitamin deficiencies ( Mainly potassium I am very low on with my current diet ).


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