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Accuntane. The first few weeks.



Hi everyone !!, Im stephanie, im 23 and I suffer with acne!

Ive decided to share my experience with you. Hearing other peoples experiences has supported me hugely. Acne has the potential to wreck confidence and put your self esteem in your boots :(, BUT ITS THE 21st CENTURY AND IN MY OPINION, NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS FOR A LONG PEROOD OF TIME>. Your journals have reminded me that im not going through this horrible condition alone and has given me hope that things get better!!.

Abit of background

A few months ago now, I was put on a different contraceptive pill and my body decided it didnt like it one bit. Having never suffered with acne before you can imagine my upset when i began breaking out all over my face. :(. I waited months thinking things would improve having stopped the pill and when my hormone level returned to normal, but no joy :dance:


Nothing seemed to work and in the meantime my skin was scarring badly.

After extensive research and numerous GP visits, I decided that I wanted to see a dermatologist and attempt to get a presciption for accutane. I went expecting to have to fight my corner as it is such a controversial drug due to its side effects, however, to my relief he was happy to prescribe me the accutane at 20mgs per day for the first month :doubt:.

I havent documented anything up until now as nothing overly significant happened in the first 3 weeks. I had an initial breakout, but when im used to developing new spots daily this wasnt overly noticable.

It is now week for and im starting to see some results.....


My skin is definately dryer, along with my lips. Both of which are very manageable with moisturiser and lip balm which ive also been applying to the inside of my nose as this is dryer than an "Arabs dap". Its also nice not to have that shiny greasy look during the day lol.

I have had a few bareable joint aches and pains but im sure im not helping myself because im exercising alot lately. I have started taking cod liver oil capsules to hopefully conteract this.

In terms of spots .......... My main areas are both my cheeks (typical hormonal acne). The large hard volcano cysts that have plagued me for months are definatly getting smaller and are much less painful, and today I HAVE NO NEW SPOTS, WAAAAAAA!!!!! IM PRETTY HAPPY SO FAR!.

Hopefully with less eruptions, my scarring will have a chance to reduce. Having also tried alot of products for scar reduction, im shocked to discover that something as simple as applying sudocrem at night is helping (also speeding the spot drying process due to the zinc).

I go back to the dermatologist on the 20th (5 days time) for a check up and to increase my accutane dose. it will be interesting to see what side effects this will result in lol. fingers crossed it will clear me up though.

I will keep you informed and updated guys :(. Take care and stay positive. ACNE IS A BITCH WE WILL ALL OVERCOME


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