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Day 11



So today is day 11...it feels good knowing that after this pack I will only have one more then it's the end of month 1!!! I am trying hard not to think about how long my treatment is, after all, 5 months is nothing relative to my life and relative to the time I have been struggling with acne so I really think it will be worth it.

Side Effects: I had a breakout on my forehead a few days ago and they are all starting to dry up now. They are basically all gone and all that remains are those horrid red marks. But I am continuing to use vitamin E oil twice a day to hopefully get rid of them.

I have been using vitamin E oil since the beginning of my treatment and I can definitely see some improvement, especially on my cheeks. I am sure if I use it for the full 5 months twice a day that the red marks will be gone (hopefully).

The dry lips are definitely starting to kick in....I am less dry on my face now that it's day 11. The first week was AWFUL i was so crusty!!! It was like my face was made of sandpaper. My lips aren't dry but they are sensitive. They feel wind-burnt. But I apply my lip balm a few times a day and it doesnt really come off because it's so thick so my lips stay moisturized. I guess it's not so bad I don't think people can tell it just looks like I'm wearing a little too much lip gloss haha.

My hands are dry!!! Everytime I wash them I have to apply cream immediately or else they feel all cracked and hard. I am going to try moisturizer with gloves at night to soften them.

I am continuing to use my Clairsonic because I think it helps remove my makeup better. I don't want anything to clog my pores and give me a bad breakout while the accutane is pushing out all the crap from my skin. :(

Other than that I am trying to drink a lot of water but it's been kind of cold here so I drink herbal tea instead with no sugar. I'm going back to Phoenix soon and it's DRY AND HOT AS HELL there so drinking lots of water will be easier. I wonder how the change of weather will affect my skin.....

That's all for now. :doubt:


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