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Day 15!



I am going to update my blog every other day from now on!

No changes... At all! Am I boring you because I am boring myself.

mini Kenzi Jibba Jabber: I had soccer camp today and after a hour and thirty minutes of playing soccer my back started to ache. When I sat in my Dad's car on the way home from soccer camp my back just hurt! It felt like someone slapped me in the back to many times. It hurt! I noticed when a girl clipped my ankle with her kleet 1. I fell down 2. I landed on my wrist which hurt super duper bad and 3. MY ANKLE was on fire! I didn't cry, I'm a toughy but I didn't want to walk on it. It seems like getting clipped froma kleet and falling on my wrist shouldn't have hurt that bad... Possibly this is a side effect. Time will only tell.

Random fact:

Grapple: An apple that looks and has the texture of a apple... but taste like a grape!

See you day 17!!

Beauty is Pain! <3


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