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hello acne.org family,

My name is Lauren and my boyfriend Mike has recently been diagnosed with acne conglobata. :doubt: It started to flare up in late January and has progressively gotten worse. The first derm he went to absolutely had no clue what he was doing and prescribed him 80mg of accutane a day which ultimately made the condition worsen. After researching dermatologist in the NY area, I found the derm whom which he is receiving treatment from now. This doctor lowered his dosage of accutane and prescribed other antibiotics such as amoxicillin and a medicated cream. Since then Mike's back is starting to look better, besides the scarring, but his chest is the worst I've seen it. I never witnessed such a disorder like this. The sores on his chest look to be about 4-5 layers deep and continually ooze. They scab up but then the scab falls off when he showers. After showering if he puts a shirt on the sores cling to the shirt and heal to the shirt and he moans in agony throughout the night when the shirt tears from the clusters of open lesions. He is constantly sore and his energy level is low. The other day when we were outside playing basketball the a cluster erupted and the area of his shirt between his pecs had blood stains and it looked as though he gotten shot.

I posted pictures of what his chest looks like today. I just really want to get my boyfriend help. This condition looks like it is a flesh eating disease and because its open all the time its prone to staph infection and seems to never heal. Its destroying my boyfriends self esteem and I just want him to get better!! :(

Is there anyone out there that has had this condition and found a cure to make it go away?? I research online day in and day out and all I seem to find is that the accutane will kill it but it just takes time but its just so hard to watch the man I love be in agonizing pain everyday!

Any information at all is really appreciated!!



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