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Diet last 7 days plus future diet aims.



Last 7 days after i cut out chocolate and ice cream i have been mostly eating:

Juice half a lemon+vitamin c+2 spoonfulls of barley malt vinegar

Porridge [Oatmeal] 1 cup + one cup of water + one cup of whole milk + one spoonfull sucrose[table sugar] + one spoonfull of glucose.

Swig of cod liver oil + two drops of vitamin d3 @ 1000iu each [i think]

pot of muller rice

2 spoonfulls of whey powder + milk + spoonfull of glucose.

Bowlfull of cornflakes + whole milk aprox every other day.

Odd serving of rice.



Virtually zero fruit and veg LMAO



SKin last week has been improving so looks like either vinegar is doing something or chocolate and ice cream were resonsible or maybe a combo of both. Very few new spots.

GI [Gastro Intestinel (sp)]

Not so great. Pretty good really and certainly better than usual but still having periods of heartburn and gas.

No real bloating or pain which is good but still gas and farting and heartburn.

Porridge[oats] in particular seem to be cauing heartburn which could be down to the very large size i eat. Really i need to cut the portion down.


Persist with porridge [ oats] in the morning but try soaking from previous night and i that doesnt work cutting portion down. If heartburn continues oats will have to be removed.

Stick to 0 fructose and fructans wherever possible.

Means bassically no fruit or veg appart from half a lemon, for now anyway.

Ideally clear skin can be achieved and the i can experiment with reintroduction of fruits and veg.

I will stick with rice as a carbo source for now and see what happens.

Evening meals will be essentially zero carb except maybe for early evening rice now and then.

I would like to try ketosis diet with rice and glucose as only carbs to stop ketosis happening.


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