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April 13th



As of yesterday I still had by period. This morning, I didn't notice anything. Well see throughout the day. This spiro really is affecting my cycle. Hopefully it will go back to a somewhat regular cycle. Just want to note that since I've been on this medication, I have not had tender breasts - no pain whatsoever. So I have no clue when my period is coming.

Okay as a wrote before, I'm avoiding all dairy products since last Friday. Stupid me.....yesterday I was savoring a mexican jello dessert and was almost done with it, when I stopped and thought, Oh shoot I hope this isn't made from milk!!!! I quickly looked at the label and YEP for sure it had MILK as an ingrediant. I was a disappointed that I had not read the label. I was so consumed with just eating the deliciuos darn jello. Well there goes another thing I enjoy eating.

My skin has been doing great these past two days. I've been applying constarch every night, and a little during the day. Anyways, I thought I bet I'm going to get a zit tomorrow now that I suspect that dairy products break me out. I woke up this morning and saw 2 pimples!!!!!!!! I knew it!!! I had a suspicion. I'm just glad they aren't big at all.

I might be closer to my cure......I'm just not 100% sure. But from yesterday's experience it looks like dairy products are absolutely a trigger.


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