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Just starting accutane? Look forward to this...



I have now been off of accutane for more than a month and I'm happy to report that I'm still 99% clear! I still have completely oil free skin too. I had surgery last week and didn't shower for 2 days (I know, I know, gross. I was on vicodin and was sleeping pretty much the whole time so give me a break!) Anyway, the point in confessing my poor hygeine, is that I noticed I didn't have any oil production in that entire 2 days. My skin did get moist, but not oily-moist, if that makes any sense. It felt like normal skin with just the right amount of moisure. I'm dreading the day it comes back with full force, but for now, I'm on cloud nine.

I'll now sing accutane's praises for a bit, just to give hope to those who are in the early weeks of accutane.

A few things that have changed in my life since accutane:

1. NO MORE PORES! Literally, they are invisible now. I used to have giant gaping pores that you could probably measure with a ruler. And with invisible pores comes zero black heads. Not even in the creases of my nose. Amazing. I'm no longer afraid to get within two inches of my husbands line of sight.

2. Smooth skin. I remember reading a blog a long time ago where the author mentioned having smooth skin. I didn't quite get it. Of course when you have no acne, you have smooth skin, right? But it goes beyond that. It's an entirely new sensation when you wash your face. All of a sudden, I don't have an intense phobia of someone touching my face. I also don't slap my husband's hand away if his hand gets near my cheek. I'm sure he appreciates that.

3. Makeup only goes on my FACE now! I exercise for a living and I used to get huge pimples on my back and chest after every super-sweaty workout. I actually had to put on concealer if I wanted to wear a cute top! Doesn't make for sexy cleavage, ladies.

4. No oil! This has to be the most amazing side effect and honest to god, I would go on accutane again if just for the purpose of keeping oil at bay. I have always suffered from massive oil production and there is no way to describe what it feels like to have dry, normal skin and hair.

5. No zits! Well I'm stating the obvious here, but it's true. I don't glance in the mirror every five seconds to see how much of my concealer has rubbed off and I don't spend hours using special makeup effects and lighting tricks to hide my zits.

6. No more sneekin' around! I was doing a lot of it pre-accutane. Sneeking oil blotters in my purse, trying to swipe my t-zone without anyone noticing (I actually became quite the master at it), hiding half my face with my hair, strategically manuevering my body positioning to put people on the side of my face that wasn't currently harboring a half inch cyst, [Note: stay away from round tables - you just can't win], Putting on my makeup before I "put on my makeup" so my husband/family/friends wouldn't know just how bad it was.

Well, I could go on and on, but my therapuetic rantings are probably boring you. Good luck to everyone who is still powering through the treatment! Better days are ahead :(


This is my favorite post I've read on this site! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this after you've moved on with your clear-skin life. I really appreciate it! It's awesome to read your list of things that are GOOD from accutane, as I'm, as well as so many others, are in the first couple months. So we're experiencing little good, and too much bad. So this is so fun to read. I've read it twice b/c all that you write seems so wonderful but hard to imagine. Just to not think about skin anylonger would be amazing. Thank you thank you!

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