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It has been about a week, and I have started to change my initial plan up just a tad. First off, I am not taking the milk thislte complex. I did not take it for a week, and no adverse effets, so its out of my plan. Also, I bumped my omega 3 capsules to 3x daily and my vitamin e to 2x daily, everything else being the same. This seems to be working very well for me.

As of right not, I have two active sites, all the rest healing red marks. It feels great, I have a ton of self confidence now, I am always happy during the day, I can look people in the eye, be close to the person(I was usually a bit standoffish), and more interactive with anyone I come in contact with. Overall, I am a nicer and better person because of this change.

On my topical treatment side, I have found a new way to combat dry skin. Instead of layering BP on first, and then putting AHA on or a moisturizer, I mix the two together before applying. 1:1 ratio, or possibly 2:1 ratio BP to AHA. Your skin feels great, lessen the red marks all day, and will not dry out or gum up. Excellant.

I am very very very glad I started this bog. I have found what my body was deficient in and that has helped me out immensely. I believe ance is a derivative of the internal condition, with some outside factors having to do some with clogged pores and such.

GO ahead and try this out. I am sure with this routine, and if your like me and do not get near enough omega three, then a combined and disciplined plan towards acne is your best bet.


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