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Day 12... these days are starting to add up faster



Kenzi Jibber Jabba: ... Had a great day! :doubt: Not many of those especially on school days! But for my skin... I just got over pms, I think my skin got affected by that... maybe not! For so long since on accutane my cheeks got white hard to see pimples, only able to be seen at a certain angle. This Saturaday, I believe they started to reach the service creating a classic zit! Lovely huh>? :( For awhile... since Saturday they've been drying up... I gave up today, I told myself not to do it but I did the deed. I picked them, one by one. Each tiny pimple white stuff came out of. I'm sorry for that TMI. :(

Skin: DRY. Not flaky yet but I am so sick of my skin being sry I put a ton of cetephil moistrizer on my face tonight... I think I'm going to do that every night for now on. Skin is beyound sensitive, my skin stung from the cetephil face wash!!! it didn't hurt my skin a couple days ago...?

Bacne: Still "coming out" slowly.

Acne: Big pimple healing on my forehead (under bangs) Pimples on cheeks now healing but they might turn into big pimples after they heal, hoooooray! <--- sarcasm

Lips: After Aquaphor drys I apply new layer on lips... If not they chap. Any lip balm/ chap stick reccommendations>?

Beauty is Pain! <3


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I'm breaking out on my forehead too grrr so gross! I just want them to go away! So I popped mine too I can't help it. I feel that popping them makes them go away faster even though I know there's a chance they will scar. Oh well..How many mg's are you on???

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2, 30mg in the morning so I guess thats considered 60mg. Next time I go to Macy's I'll make sure to get a sample of Cliniques superbalm that sounds super :-) <----- bad pun haha

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