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Week 2



I'm on week 2, and so far, my skin is getting dramatically clearer. I didn't expect it to work this fast, but all of the cystic acne and red inflamed breakouts on my cheeks are healing. I had 3 days left of Minocyclin, but decided to just stop taking it. Three months is waaaaaay to long to be on an antibiotic and let's just say I started getting some of the bad antibiotic side effects. I got a few teeny-tiny, shallow pustules right after I went off it, but they're pretty much gone already. I'm just hoping now that I continue to clear up without any weird side effects.

Speaking of side effects....I had alot of concerns about going on hormonal birth control, (I envisioned becoming a bloated, emotional wreck with no Mojo- lol) but so far, I haven't had any emotional changes, and my sex drive hasn't diminished. If any thing, it's increased. :doubt: I haven't had any weight gain other than my boobies getting bigger :( I'm a small 32 A, so this is a side effect I was hoping for, and sure enough, even though it's only been 2 weeks- they're definitely bigger! (and thank God, not sore or anything) My husband is pretty happy with that-lol!


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