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Day 32



I am a HORRIBLE blogger. LOL

The last time I checked in was day 26, and since then I have had my second blood draw, seen the derm, AND picked up my second month prescription.

Second visit to the derm: It went really great. She said that my blood work looked okay. My cholesterol did go up 10 points, but that I was still in the healthy zone. She told me to start eating foods with a lot of fiber like cheerios and oatmeal and also to make sure that I am eating a lot of veggies. I was taking 40 mgs of Clarvis, and since I was doing well on that dose, she decided to bump me up to 60 mg. The only complaint that I had was the headaches that I get about once a week. They're pretty severe, not quite a migraine, but close. The derm told me that she didn't like headaches and if they get any worse (especially with 60mg) she's going to pull me from the medication or cut my dose dramatically :( Hopefully they don't get any worse.

My face: It's all going really well. I have one active pimple on my right cheek, and one HUGE cyst on my left cheek, but I'm pretty sure that both are on their way out or at least I hope so because I'm traveling this weekend and I really don't want a ginormous cyst on my face.

The rest of my body is doing great. I've been out in the sun a TON (wearing shorts and a tank). Before going out I'll spray a bunch of SPF 80 for kids on my skin and do an SPF 80 lotion on my face. I haven't been burned at all. Yay me. When I was a little girl, I'd get heat rashes on the inside of my elbows, but I hadn't had one in years, well, theyre back. The dr gave me a steriod (which was silly bc the active ingredient is hydracortizone .1% which I don't need a script for) and that seems to be working. Other than that, I have been lotioning up like crazy, taking showers after workouts and not taking them on my days off. I haven't been too dry so I guess I'm doing it right.

Haven't had a headache in 4 days, but I'll probably get one today just for saying that.

I'll try to check in again tomorrow, no promises though!


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