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My lips are depressing me :(



My lips are peeling and dry and this morning i woke up with lots of litle red bumps on them!!! what is going on! how can I stop this. the Blistex seems to be failing me! i dont want to leave my room!


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VASALINE!!!! THAT's the anwer to nice lips during treatment!! I carry a travel size EVERYWERE! Even when I walk the dog. Trust me it works!!!! Good Luck!

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Actually, it's because your lip skins become thinner too. Lip balms, creams, vasaline could soother it, but can't solve the basic problem.Don't mean to make you feel bad, just let you know it's everybody, not just you :)For me, it's worse. I put on Aquaphore too often and too much that it breaks me out below the lip. It sucks.

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Try using BEPANTHEN - its the best baby bum/cracked nipple cream on the market and it works WONDERS! My derm and other oratane users highly recommend it :- I'v had no real problem with my lips, besides from small cracks on the side of my mouth which I treat with bactroban. Take your bepanthem everywhere, and even if you're not thinking about your lips you apply it! The trick is to continually apply all day long :)Good luck!

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thanks a buch, i will definately give it a go! coz at this stage i am quite desperate! all i can think of is, if my lips are doing this now, less than a month into it, how about at 4 months! or at the end of my treatment!!! ;( i want clear skin, but dnt want it to be a trade off for another face issue ! Thanks again for the tip!

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