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A bit of background.



Hello all! I've decided to start documenting my trials and tribulations in the quest for Clear Skin. I've spent countless hours looking up potential solutions to my acne problem and maybe, just maybe, there is someone out there going through the same thing. I hope that by writing this blog we can not only commiserate, but also offer tidbits of advice, encourage each other, and hopefully celebrate our successes!

First things first.

Who am I?

I'm a 24 for year old female who has been dealing with mild acne since high school which has steadily progressed into moderate acne over the past 5 years or so. While everyone else was dealing with massive breakouts at age 14 I was fortunate to experience mild breakouts that could easily be concealed and blemishes that would subside relatively quickly. In college my skin declined steadily. I blamed the water, an increased stress level, my diet, my *ahem* increased alcohol intake, but whatever the cause the result was more breakouts on my face and body. Now, a year post undergrad, I'm preparing to enter a graduate program and my skin has reached an all time low. All those people with terrible skin have grown out of their acne and here I am with the worst skin I've ever had.

What kind of acne do I suffer from?

I have a both non-inflamitory and inflamitory acne. Largely I have papules (small red bumps) scattered across both cheeks with a few that pop up on my chin and occasionally one or two on my forehead. These are made worse by the fact that I have fair skin (freckle prone, although in recent years I've been more wearing SPF consistantly on my face to prevent sun damage) and the redness is persistant and very difficult to conceal with makeup. The sides/corners of my nose and chin are prone to blackheads, although I've been noticing them on my cheeks recently. I tend to get a white head around the corners of my nose from time to time. And last but not least, in the recent past I've developed cystic blemishes. Where some people tend to get these cysts in large groupings, I usually get 2-5 at a time and spread out in different areas on my face. For example right now I have one on my left cheek near my nose, one on the right side on my chin, and one starting on my right cheek where it meets my nose.

In summation, I'm a young adult ready to be done with this acne nonsense. My quest is a solution. I've armed myself with the internet, a dermatologist, and determination. Feel free to come along with me as I (hopefully!) conquer blemishes once and for all!


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