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Day 1 First Treatment



April 6, 2011 appointment time 3:10 p.m.

My daughter took me to my appointment as I wasn't sure if I would be okay to drive home by myself and I am glad she did. As mentioned earlier, I have a low tolerance for pain and am skiddish about anything to do with hurting. :( I would have been able to drive home but felt very anxious after the procedure.

Got to my appointment a little over an hour early to sign in and get the topical anesthesia on my face that needed to be applied one hour before the scheduled procedure. My face got really, really numb! Put on goggles to protect my eyes and was given a hose that blew air condition (not just cool air but cold air) to use on my face as the laser was being passed along various areas. My daughter held it for me and followed along while the procedure was being done.

The doctor made 8 passes in each area. The first 5 or 6 were okay, but they last 2 or 3 hurt. That laser is hot and the anesthesia kept it at bay until the last few passes and then I could feel it. Right when you think you are going to yell, "Stop!" the last pass is finished. I have heard people describe it as feeling like rubber bands are being popped on your face. I would not concur with that description. Grant it, my procedure was done by laser almost maxed out so this may be why my description is different but I would describe it as feeling like someone took one of those punch-in-and-get-red-hot lighters that used to be included with new vehicles, got it red hot and passed it over your face.

The procedure itself is tolerable even at the highes level but I could think of a lot of other things I would rather be doing.

Afterwards was the worst. My face was so hot! They gave me an ice pack and it was kind of wierd because I felt like my face was on fire but when I applied the ice pack it was like putting it on someone else's face and not mine. lol Like your nose is itching and you scratch it but it doesn't help. I felt very anxious and wanted to get home ASAP for some reason. I guess because I feel comfortable at home and so I wanted to go there! We had to pick up a prescription for my face that keeps down any infection and promotes healing, and bought a face cleanser and moisturizer over the counter that the doctor recommended.

Face a little swollen, red, and ablaze. After 2 or 3 hours it quit hurting all together. Skin feeling tight but not in pain at all.


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