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I have always had troubled skin which seemed to get worse with age for some reason. My acne scars seemed to increase instead of decrease over the age of 40 and it has bothered me even more in recent years. I turned 50 in September of 2010 and decided I need to try to do something about the scars on my face.

What the heck, right? I mean, everything we own gets older and needs maintenance or restoration so why is it different when it comes to our bodies?

I researched various restorative procedures for acne scars and even went in for consultations to see what would give me the best results. I decided to go with Fraxel Laser treatments. I found a doctor in Galveston, TX at UTMB who is highly recommended and Fraxel Certified. I really, really like her style. She sits down to talk to you about your options and is very articulate.

She told me I would need around 5 treatments about one month apart so I made the first one and was ready to go. But, in the meantime, I did a lot of homework and read numerous reviews form Fraxel patients, watched videos of them on You Tube, looked up before and after pictures and made as well an informed decision as I could. My conclusion (recall this is pre-procedure) was that some people whine a lot, some people did not choose the right doctor, some did, some people really did not have severe problems to begin with and are overly-picky, and others had severe problems, chose good doctors and are really happy with their results. The jury is still out on me. I do have a low tolerance for pain and have severe problems and would be thrilled with any degree of improvement; so here goes: An unbiased opinion. My journey here in print and photos for anyone who is contiplating having Fraxel Laser procedures done on their skin. I will attempt to upload my photos as they were taken thus far with a cell phone camera. Enjoy the ride with me, folks!



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