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Introduction/Amnesteem (Accutane) Day 6



Here we go...I am in my first week of Accutane. I posted to the Accutane Logs forum but since I am starting my own blog I might as well re-introduce myself.

I have been struggling with moderate to severe cystic acne since I was about 12 years old. It started to get pretty bad about 8th grade and persisted from there on..I am now 23 and I just graduated from ASU in December of 2010...I was supposed to go on Accutane in the summer of 2008 but I chickened out because I was naive and had only heard horror stories. Here I am now, wishing I had done this sooner but everything happens for a reason I guess...I am well prepared and have done A LOT of research and it is time for this acne to go once and for all!!!

I have tried everyyythinggg (I'm sure all of you can relate)...antibiotics, topicals, proactiv, murad, the Clairsonic system (expensive!), chemical peels, blue light/red light...and on and on and on. :(

I am SO happy I found this website...I no longer feel alone and I finally feel like there is hope for me...I am tired of hiding behind a mask of makeup (although I've gotten really good at it lol!!).

I also just got married in February and my husband is aware (duh) of my struggle with acne but it really sucks having to hide from my own husband...regardless of how much your friends and family love you, you will still have lingering self-esteem and confidence problems (God knows I do). I just want to be able to stop relying on makeup and spending hundreds of dollars on trying to create this "faux self esteem"...people say confidence lies on the inside...I beg to differ! Try suffering from acne for over 10 years and having people stare at you...I don't think it's crazy to feel embarrassed. LOL.

Anyways...I keep ranting but I thought I would get my "story" out there. I know it just like a lot of other people's. I hope to gain suggestions and feedback about what to do/not to do/etc. :( I will also post pics soon!!!

So far in week one...I haven't experienced anything except for a few headaches. Still kind of oily (however I had a Fraxel non-ablative about 5 days before beginning I think that helped with oil). I had a breakout but I also started my period the same day I began Accutane. I got zits on my chin and lower cheek/jawline where I never get zits so I am not sure if that was the dreaded "initial breakout" or what...I did also get a breakout of milia (small whiteheads) after the Fraxel treatment so it could've also been a result of that.

The breakout is clearing but I still have some cysts that are finally going down. My face is so red and my scars seem more pronounced (this is where I need your help, guys!!!!!!)....has anyone gotten a fraxel and their scars seem DEEPER?? Maybe I am just freaking out or my face is irritated from the first week of Accutane...no idea but it's scary. After I am done with my Accutane treatment I definitely need some serious scar treatment....the money part sucks though. :( Having acne has put a hole in my wallet!!!!! Arghhh! LOL...

Ok well this concludes Day 6...I am going to blog again in the next few days or next week. I am moving soon so I will be busy but hopefully I will avoid this "initial breakout" if I didn't already get it. Tootles. :doubt:


Don't worry about your scars... it is caused by the accutane because accutane thins the skin, I'm not sure how but I think it's from all the peeling from dry skin. When accutane treatment is over I believe I read that a blogger on this site said the skin will grow back? It makes sense. Good luck to you. :-

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Wow! you had Fraxe!! I totally relate to you.. tried everything and gave up to isotretinoin.. I will start isotretinoin in a month and my plan is to do the accutane and then fraxel... how was the fraxel??? did it work?

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Wow! you had Fraxe!! I totally relate to you.. tried everything and gave up to isotretinoin.. I will start isotretinoin in a month and my plan is to do the accutane and then fraxel... how was the fraxel??? did it work?
I had the fraxel repair...it was about $400 and it was kind of painful!! They gave me numbing cream to put on like 2 hours before and I had the option to take a painkiller but I didn't (I never take painkillers lol) but I am sure it would've helped with the stinging sensation. It is hard to tell if the Fraxel worked, it's different for everyone and plus I have only done one and I need like 6 cause I already have scarring. You have to wait 6-12 months after accutane to have them done but I think you can do less invasive procedures to "prep" the skin before doing a fraxel. Good luck to you on accutane! I am only on day 7 as of today but I am confident that this will FINALLY clear me up lol :-

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