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Finish of 6 month silicon scar treatment



These days , my treatment reached 6 months.But I must first say that I stopped it on the start of the month, this means some days before the end , but even some days less , it is the same .I am going to write some conclusions and thoughts about my experience .First , why did I stop sooner?It wasn`t a big deal , I just felt like doing it.And before two weeks I felt one day complete disappointment and depression..Those days were cold,I wasn`t drinking water,something that I do some times,and I looked at my face , all my scars pointing out just like the begging of the session..I said all this time for nothing...It was a very bad day for me...All this time I was with the thought that the first months I would see no improvement , and then , magically , the 5th or 6th month , all my scars would fade very much or have gone..Boy ,disappointment... Next day , I was feeling a bit better .I understood that my face was showing like this because it was dehydrated .I also have been doing a protein diet,not eating protein I mean , to loose some excess weight I had, and especially in my neck and face , my cheeks looked like baby`s , and since I lost most of this fat , I came to understand that the scars although the improvement of the cream , had a negative effect from weight loss , and so showing more .Now , let`s come to say objectively, how much improvement I `ve had with this therapy these 6 months.I would say at least 30-50 percent better..It is not bad , it is quite good.It depends how you see it, what expectations you have.And something else, this cream has flattened most of my pores near the scars I putted it,making the skin around them better .About the future?Well ,I intend this month to continue not putting anything on my skin, leaving it to relax.And from next month , I am going to continue for probably another 6 months and hope to have some more improvement..I don`t have so big expectations any more , just improvement, any, although it would really be great if I could reach 80-90 percent improvement...I will post again soon..


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