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Rid of acne

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Only water




I figured since there have been some people checking out my page that they should know, I'm essentially rid of acne! I barely get pimples now and wish I had tried the method I have now.

Believe it or not, I got this advice from my new boyfriend and it has worked wonders:

- quit using products and soap on your face

-only rinse your face with water, and only do so at night, after you've worked up a sweat, and in the morning (doesn't matter hot or cold water)

- don't touch your face!

If you're like me (23 and tried a crapload of products that never seem to work), try this out, what have you got to lose. I wish I had done it sooner, and I would have had less scarring on my poor cheeks and jaw :(

Oh well, here's hoping you guys don't spend a whole lot of money on products that only further aggravate your skin when you can get acne free for free. :doubt:

PS: I have been doing this method since January and my skin has never looked better (at least since I've had acne... :( )

PSS: Do not use ANY acne products while using this method. I tried sneaking in some tea tree oil and bio oil one night, and my bf noticed the next day without even having known I used anything, stating "Your face looks a little red and aggravated today, did you put something on your face?" Then promptly scolding me for having done so haha, damn.


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I hope this works, but I don't use products on my face and wash it morning and night and I still break out. It's different for different people I guess :|

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Hey chocobot!

I was doing this for a few months before it began showing results. My thought is that I was messing with the pH and natural oils on my face when they just needed to be left alone.

My face is still super clear and I will never use commercial products on my face again.

Hopefully you find something that works for you if this doesn't, but I've told some friends the same advice and after a few months, they've had great results too! You can't touch any zits that show up in the change over period either, let them pass in their own time.

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