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Day 76...



I cant believe it's already 76th day.... wowoow

I saw my derm the day before and now im perhaps feeling a little more optimistic, she said that there's an obvious improvement and the pimples are melting like excpected. I asked her if i could finally increase the dosage and now I could take 60mg a day. I cant remember everything we talked about but she said something that the faster it gets better it'll most likely come back. So i got the prescription for 300 pills. I decided to take 40 or 60mgs a day. So i'll stick with this pretty minor dosage hoping that i wont need a second round of isotretinoin. It will get better sooner orr later..

PS i hate getting these annoying... how to say this... "warm waves" on face, when my skin is red as a tomato and i start to sweat and feel like everybody's staring at me.. well i guess they really are lol :( its daily..!


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It's like blushing but it can last for ten or twenty minutes :/ so it's not constantly scarlet (i hope?)

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