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Day 15 - Progress



The irritation seems to be subsiding, somewhat, especially on my neck. Somehow I managed to let the BP migrate halfway down my neck and it was causing this really itchy, red ring right below where my skin is attempting to clear. The acne under my chin/neck has always made me crazy. About 3 years ago, I started to break out with big, juicy pustules right under my chin at the jawline. Nothing I did would work on them, but as soon as I'd get a chance to see a derm, they'd go away (OF COURSE!).

In trying the Regimen, I can tell the raised bumps are much smaller, flatter and they don't develop into full on zits. That's very exciting! It's very weird to have a clear face and then look up to know that people notice the acne under your chin.

My back seems to be less irritated and dry. There's nothing I'd like better than to put some Body Shop Body Butter on it, but I know that's not going to happen for a very long time. Instead, I have been putting moisturizer mixed with jojoba oil on it, especially on the back of my neck/top of my back where the BP seems to concentrate and makes the skin a little peely.

Today, I have two new little nodule things on my jawline, as well. They both seem to have a little bit of liquid/pus in them, but only one has shown any kind of white head. I might try to pop it after tonight's shower, but only if the head gets bigger. I'd rather not pop it, but if it gets worse, I'll have to do battle. This is very different from the attitude I had when my cystic acne was so bad, I didn't care what I did to my skin, so I'd just pop them with a safety pin and let the blood/pus come out. I know those kinds of actions have long-lasting, scarring consequences and I'm trying to be NICE to my skin instead of beat it up.

Overall, everything looks much nicer/smoother and less oily. No kidding about the jojoba oil. Skin loves this stuff! I've been applying it between treatments on the areas that are more dry, like around the eyes and on the neck. It's really great stuff!

My back is still not responding much, if at all. The skin is more dry, and I don't really see any NEW spots, but the old ones are just hanging out there every time I look. I want those GONE, NOW! *yes, I know I'm an impatient woman*

One very weird consequence whose source I couldn't even guess is that my friends say I look more tanned. Maybe because I'm not wearing a load of foundation to cover the red spots, maybe because I have been very diligent about getting 20 minutes of sun per day (WITH SPF) and that makes a big difference. Whatever the cause, I like that my skin looks healthier and less deathly pale and questionable :(


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