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Day 6 on Yasmin



Hi all- here's brief summary of my acne experience thus far: So I'm 27, and have suffered moderate to extremely severe acne on and off since I was 14 (depressing!) In my teen years, I had success getting clear using Minocycline and Differin 0.3% (the strong stuff) This combo worked great , but the first 3 months are horrible- terrible ib + flaking. Over the years, though, whenever I got clear and stopped the antibiotic, I would breakout again. My acne was mostly in my t-zone, the worst breakouts being on my forehead. So for years I was on and off this combo, trying everything under the sun, also- Benzaclin, Clindamyacin, Duac, otc products, glycolic peels, laser hair removal, diet, zinc etc... I managed to get my skin somewhat under control using Proactiv. PA cleared me up and kept me relatively clear as long as I used the steps religously WITH the Refining Mask.

So last Summer, everything went wrong- I'm still not sure if it was from getting laser hair removal and the hydrocortisone gunk they put on your skin, or from wearing a full face motorcycle helmet often, or from taking a Plan B- It was just a perfect storm- But I started getting cystic acne bad all over my cheeks and jawline. I also started breaking out on my shoulders and back for the first time. I finnally decided to do some research and get to the bottom of what was causing my skin issues. I realized my acne was probably hormonal- plus with irregular/missing periods, excessive hair growth... (gross, I know) I ended up getting diagnosed with PCOS (I have 3 kids btw- it hasn't affected my fertility)

After alot of research, it seemed like Yasmin birth control was the way to go for hormonal acne 'cause it has anti androgen type hormones in it. My concerns were mostly blood clot risk and lowered sex drive (the horror) I hadn't been on bc for years. So.....it's been 6 days so far and I'm VERY hopeful. I haven't had any new breakouts which is awesome, and the acne I have is starting to heal. (fingers crossed!!!) :(


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