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Ok earlier this week I took a photo and posted on a thread here. At that time I thought my skin was getting better. I didn't have any active pimples. TODAY i got 3 zits under my chin. Plus I feel like more will come out by tomorrow. Why do I have this set back.

I don't want to do it, but I have to start cutting back on the things I eat and do an elimination diet. I will start by cutting out cheese.

At least I can prove to my dad that soda doesn't cause acne. I havne' had a single drop for 3 months....so why am I breaking out. He always said to me don't drink coke, you're gonna get espinillas (pimples)!!!!!! WRONG!

I'm just upset that I have not improved. I honestly can say I've only had one "clear day" (no actives) this week. Apart from pimples I have to now deal with the red marks that do't want to go away. I am still using the atralin gel every night.

I don't know what else to do. I'm getting desperate that the spiro is not working as I had hoped.

This is just so time consuming.

I fear one day I'm just gonnas say the heck with it and just not do anything.


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