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day 87




I am almost done with month 3 already!

Now for an update, that cyst that was shrinking - well it shrunk too much. Now i have a trench in my cheek :( It has filled in a bit though and is less deep now, so we will see how it goes - maybe a candidate for future dermal filling.

On another note, the lump on the left side of my face near my jaw line just will not completely shrink - its so frustrating!! :( When i run my finger over it it kind of feels like a little pebble stuck under the skin - pretty hard, the size of about half my little fingernail. However when i look at it, it looks bigger (only when i push it out with my tounge in my mouth). When i push it out with my tongue, the lump shows up like white - whiter than my skin tone. I hope that makes sense! Anyway, im not sure what to do - considering having it injected, however, as it has been there for around a year (was much much larger to begin with), im wondering if it is injected, would it turn into a giant hole, or shrink a little bit rather than entirely .....etc? Anyone have any eperience here?

Okay got to go to bed people :doubt:

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If you ask your derm to inject it with steroids it will go away....I had a ton of cyst that wouldn't go away and she injected them and VUALA! GONE! And it didn't leave ANY scars!!! I'm on my 91 day on accutane and all is well, even with the injections.... :- Good Luck!

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