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7 days!!!!



Kenzi Jibba Jabber: I'm soooo happy my first week of accutane has gone by so fast and smoothly... :(

Acne/Skin: Forehead has NO active zits :0 ! My cheeks have deep pimples, maybe small cystic acne, they have been there for awhile but their getting larger. At least their pretty flat though and isn't red. I still have a couple small pimples under my eyebrow hair which is barely noticeable :( . The large active pimple under my right nostril finally got to me... I couldn't stand it anymore... I popped it, it was gross but wierdly satisfying that I know the gross stuff is out of it. I could feel it healing already. My bacne is was blackheads and becoming pimples... I hope that means their going to go away... I wanna rock my bathing suit without worrying about having blackheads on my back... and chest!!!

Side effects: My head started to itch in fourth period... I itched it and that didn't help so I itched the annoying itch on my head. After 3 more itches I probably looked like a idiot from itching my head so much. :( To think of it my head itches now... lovely. hmmm, my ears are still dry, not itchy. My arms itch every once in awhile (I already have a small case of eczema which means I have dryer skin then most people, I wonder how dry my skin will get from the accutane) One really annoying side effect is my vision. The classrooms at my school are lit OK but when the teacher turns off half the lights or its too dim in the room my eyes can't focus right on reading. It's really weird I usually have to look away then read a few paragraphs until it happens again then look away. I'm trying to brush it off but I hope that doesn't effect my school work. One more side effect is my lips are a dryin! Not much ... yet but thir starting to become chapped! OH and lower minor back pains.

Skin Routine: While in the shower in the morning I use Cetephil Gentle Cleanser which I love, after I dry my hair I pin my bangs back and put 2 pea size dots of Cetephil Moistrizer then I put 2 smaller pea size dots of Clean and Clear 2 in 1 moistrizer and rubb my hands together and apply the moistrizer to my face. I can't stand how oily Cetephil is alone and I like the cooling effect of my Clean and Clear moistrizer. I do the same at night. (2 30mg of accutane in the morning.)

Sorry it got soooo long!!! Hope you liked reading this whoever you are!!!!

Pray for me that it will rain tomorrow in Washington state I don't want to have to run the 36 MIN RUN!!!!! I will pray... :dance: <--- 2nd favorite smiley... I like angel best :doubt:

Beauty is Pain! <3



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