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Hay all.

So i have been sticking to 2 cups of green tea and EXERCISE every day, and my face looks great. I dod forget to take my morning round of vitamins today, so I am a big nervous. Either the green tea or the exercise is sure doing it for me though.

Maybe 4-6 SMALL active sites, but all in healing mode right now, which is awesome. The sun might have something to do with it as well.

I wish i could tell you more to my success, but I have now entered a mindset of "good". Started when I found Zenhabbits, and try to adhere to the rules. Also, minimilized my life, am anal retentive about being clean in my room now, and it seems to me that some combination of positive thinking, exercise, vitamins, and luck have goten me to a point where I am truly happy with my progress of my skin.

I think i have found my cure. Four step process. Vitamins, exercise, daily regimin, and positive thinking. Hope all you out there reading this blog are at least taking those damn OMega 3 and zinc! Why not?

Good luck on your journey. I will keep updating to track my status and progress, but I am so stoked that I started this blog. If your havenet already, start one just for yourself. It makes you conscious of taking control of acne.


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