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Three Weeks In



21 days in and I think I have entered the "break out period" without a doubt.

I have lots of large whiteheads popping up all over the place! big ones that are tag-teaming up on me and coming out in pairs!!! My pores seem to be oozing a white substance so my fave just generally looks bad and i feel like scrubbing it silly with exfoliator! but alas!!! I know i can't!!!

Its very tough, its grad week at my varsity so all my mates from last year are coming and the few i have seen all ask, what's going on with ur skin? what happened? did you react to something! its so hard!!! part of me just wants to stay in and hide! but i wanna see my friends while their here and have a good time! this is really tough! and its even tougher knowing that I am only 3 weeks in and have 21 weeks to go!!! that really really weighs me down!

but i am placing all my faith in God and trusting that the treatment will work for me to the fullest and my face will heal and the scars will fade.

as for the symptoms, the dry lips are a constant but the other symptoms seem to have subsided with my increase in water intake. I am drinking 2-3litres a day. Its a real effort for me but i think it is worth it.

feeling very sleepy so im gonna be off to bed :(



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I definitely went through some IB and now I don't get as many cystic pimples as before. But I think my acne is pretty severe so I really didn't expect any improvement before the third month.

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Hi im also on oratane - its been 59 days now and still no improvement. I have had moderate acne since the age of 14 and im hoping that this will cure me for good :- I have just had a massive outbreak before the monthly's so I'm hoping that was my IB done and dusted. By the way, I'v also been having night sweats the past week. What daily dosage are you on?

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Wow! 59 days and nothing! you seem to be so patient. I wish i could have that. The thought of no improvement after 60days makes me feel a little sad. Today is day 26 and i dnt see anyting except the addition of 3 white heads!!! i want the IB period to just end! i can handle no improvement but seeing new addiotion everyday is hard!I am on 40mg/day. You? Sometimes I feel like i want it to be hire but im already suffering with the side effects so i dont want them to get worse!

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Im on 60mg per day. Initially I was on 30mg for the first month them my doc upped the dosage as he wasnt happy with my progress. I'm hanging in there, believe me its not easy especially when you are on day 60 and no real progress. The thing is it works differently with everyone - some start clearing immediatly, some have a IB in the first month and others (like me) take a little longer i suppose! My derm has told me just to stick it out as I will eventually see results. The acne.org blog has been so helpful as I can see how others are doing in terms of their progress and I know that I'm not in the same boat and there is hope for me!!Good luck :-

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