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Day 90 - YEY!/WAXING HELP!!!



Today is officially my 90th Day on accutane....I'm going to be posting pictures that I took this morning. Things are much much better! THANK GOD! :doubt:

Last night I even went for my first run since I've been on accutane and it was ALL UP HILL! I felt really good when I was running but after I was done I was in so much PAIN! And today I feel REALLY REALLY sore... :( I will be running up that hill agin tonight! I will not let accutane stop me...LOL... :(

ADVICE NEEDED - I also need some advice from accutane users and waxing....I really really need to get a bikini wax, it has been REALLY HOT and I'm dying to go in the pool...Has anyone gotten waxed by there bikini line???? How did it feel????PLEASE PLEASE let me know...I want to go and do it but I want to hear some feedback first....

hope to hear from you soon!! :(


Hi there, haved had a bikini wax but discussed it with my doc. I am only 3 weeks into it. All i can say is accutane is a systemic treatment. it works and affects you EVERYWHERE!!! read ur patient info leaflet. So in short, don't do it!

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I'm so glad everything is finally working out for you :- Gives me so much hope and motivation to continue and see results!

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I am worried too... I will be starting isotretinoin next month so I will get a last brazilian wax before I start on the med. :- I am also curious if I will be able to wax or not???? shaving will itch, poke and hurt... so maybe trimming will do.... but I just love my brazilian waxes every month!!!!

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I went to my derm yesturday and she said NOT TO WAX! She said if I wax or tan/lay out she will discontinue my treatment!! So waxing is out and laying out for a tan is defently out.... :-

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