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Day 70

Freddie Horton


Ok, so its been a while. Over a month actually. The situation is, well, the same. Unfortunately I had massive break out a few days ago, with no particularly obvious cause like alcohol or junky food. I still get the same amount of spots, and black heads, so I can just say at this point that these pills fail. What a waste of money it is producing these pills.

*Sigh!* Luckily summer is round the corner though, so at least I can cook my skin and dry up all the greasy spots.

Unless something amazing happens in the next few weeks, you can assume this is my last entry. I have given it 2 months and there is no change. It's not like I'm going to quit now though, I just have serious doubts that anything will happen. Lols.

I'm going to get a few more repeat prescriptions untill I am fully satisfied that the pills don't work.

So, if anyone actually reads this, I highy recommend NOT getting these pills, because they are shit :(


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