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One month after Accutane



Hello again,

I decided to update today because, a) I saw a dermatologist yesterday, and b) I have some new lingering side effects to report.

Let's start with the derm. I saw my old doctor from years ago - the one who refused repeatedly to put me on accutane because of the horrors of ipledge. (Note, I saw a different derm for my 5 month accutane course but I no longer live in that city). I asked her about doing some kind of "maintenance" therapy to make sure my acne doesn't come back. She pretty bluntly said it won't come back, and if it does, it won't require anti-biotics. That seems like good news, huh? But she did say the oil will return, though maybe not quite as bad. She ended up giving me some samples of differin to try every third night.

The second thing I asked her about was the huge hole in my face from a cortisone injection several months ago. Much to my dismay, nothing will heal it but time.

And on to topic B...I've noticed a new side effect in the last few weeks that I was hesitant to mention bc I've always been quite the hair shedder. I didn't want to be another person who assumes everything is accutane's fault, BUT, it's been getting worse and worse. Everytime I brush my hair, the brush is completely full of hair and I have to clean it out. My shower and bathroom floor are covered in hair like I've never seen in my life. I can run my hand through my hair and several strands easily come out. Like, clumps. I'm terrified that it won't grow back.

I'm done complaining, though. Accutane truly has changed my life and I try not to discount that! If my acne does come back, I would seriously consider another round of accutane.


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