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Day 5.... already!



Wow! It's been 5 days already!!! Hopefully the rest of the treatment will go by just as fast!

Acne: Skin is semi-dry... I did something I probably wasn't sapposed to do. I used my sponge that is a little ruff which takes dead skin off... man that thing works wonders! I gently did circular motions on my face with cetephil on the ruff sponge thingy and after I did that, my skin had no more dry flakes!!! The thing about that sponge is it's bad for your skin especially if you do it too much because it in a way, the sponge basically scatches your face.... Not as painfull as it sounds I promise :]

Back & Lips: I'm noticing they are getting a little chapped, nothing that noticable. My back is just mildly sore, I barely noticed it throughout the day. It is the most sore when I lay down and when I move my back in ways it probably should not be moved!

Kenzi Jibba Jabba: The first day of school, back from spring break sucked! I loved seeing all my friends but in class I was sooooo tired! In P.E. I was really jumpy for some reason... :dance: I usually are not jumpy at all... I don't know what the deal is but if a basketball came close to me I spazzed out! Side effect? Probably not. :( I've been really bad with picking lately, I just have more pimples on my face at the moment that I just can't bear seeing in the mirror. I can't wait until this is over! I try to think poitive, it may look like a pizza face now but in about 3 months... I won't have one zit! That hasn't happened since 4th grade. I'll pray and ask GOD that this accutane journey go smoothly. :(

:( <---- you go banana


Ps: I want to know whos reading this thing!!! haha. I'm 14 any 14 15 yr olds out there... commenting isn't a crime so go for it!

Beauty is Pain! <3


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