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c'est la vigne


Day 1,037:

Not much to post about lately. Obviously. I'm still sticking with my Dove Sensitive Skin bar/Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner (with AHA and BHA)/Acne.org BP/(sometimes) Cetaphil moisturizer routine, and it's working fairly well.

Yes, I still get some clogged pores, and yes, I still break out sometimes. But, for the most part, my skin's looking good.

Right now, I have clogged pores that mirror each other. Just above each eyebrow, and near the crease of each nostril. (Sigh.) Oh, well. I washed my face, used my toner, and dabbed a bit of BP on each one for now. Full BP at night. ; )

So... yep. That's about it. Wicked exciting, I know. But then, this is a blog about my acne, so what did you expect? Robot dinosaurs from space?


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