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Day 34



Well I still look REAL bad on my forehead. When am I going to see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!! It looks just hideous! I can't even describe it. I have thought about cutting bangs so I can hide them for the time being but I just cant. I am to the point.....it is what it is. I always notice the first thing that people look at when they talk to me is my forehead. So I have to explain to everyone. Its itchy and painful. I just want to scratch and pick till I cant take it no more.

Seriously My face looks great everywhere else. Well a little thing here or there but my forehead looks like a big ol blister......

Other than that no other side effects. My lips are starting to get more dry and im getting a strange rash on my hands?

This IB thing is seriously pissing me OFF!!


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