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Month 1, Day 13



Okay, so now that I'm just shy of 2 weeks into the first month of treatment I can actually talk more about my skin condition.


My skin is definitely a lot more dry. Whenever I get out of the shower, if I don't moisturize my face right away my skin gets all tight and uncomfortable. Oh, and it starts to flake. So I continue to put cream on my face, and drink water. I've also been using a product called Bio Oil that really relieves my skin when it starts feeling tight from the dryness. What's nice about it is that it doesn't make my skin look oily at all, but just gives it the natural moisture it needs.


My lips have definitely been affected. At the end of the first week they started to peel. I haven't been able to find Aquaphor's lip repair at any of the pharmacies here, so I settled for Nivea's soothing care lip chap. Once I rubbed off all the peeling skin from my lips, I put that on and so far it's been helping them stay moisturized. But I'm constantly applying it to my lips so that the skin doesn't peel anymore. My lips are back to where they were before I started my treatment thanks to this product!


The cysts that were lying underneath my skin in my cheeks have now surfaced. I also have a few whiteheads that emerged on my chin. The whiteheads are drying up at the moment, but the cysts just look red. The rest of my complexion where there isn't any active acne is looking more clear. This just makes the active ones look redder somehow. lol. Either way, I know most people get discouraged when they see the acne appearing to get worse, but I'm actually not. I just know that the first couple of weeks are always the worst for this because the medication is flushing out all the impurities in my skin. I'm hoping by the end of the month these cysts will have dried out. I was actually expecting more to surface than what already has, so I hope this means that the flushing period won't be too too long.


I'm annoyed by the flaky skin, but other than that I'm still doing pretty good. I spoke to a classmate of mine last Wednesday night and he told me that some of his friends had taken Accutane and had really great results. Hearing that cheered me up further that this is the right course of action for me.

I won't be writing here until after my book design course is finished. I have a LOT of work to do yet and I'm in the final stretch, so I need to focus on that. April 13th is my last class, woo hoo! See ya shortly after that!


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