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Step Program Idea



I'm having great difficulties in not popping/picking at my whiteheads. I have been successful in not picking/popping larger pimples. This whole not picking thing is not going as planned and is much harder than I first anticipated. I guess because I have been doing it for so long it'll take a lot longer to ween off, so quiting cold turkey was not the best idea. I'd compare it to a long time smoker trying to quit smoking in a day and never doing it again. It seems close to impossible. I'm going to give my self a step program. Week 1 no picking large pimples with no heads, Week 2 add in non-inflammatory acne such as whiteheads & blackheads, and then Week 3 I'll add in my favorite things to pop/pick inflamed acne with heads & skin flakes. After that it will just be maintaining and I can do the absolutely no picking at all count. I'm excited.

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